• Shane O'Rourke

Insurance with Impact?

We have partnered with a nonprofit entitled Lift Up ( to maximize impact for people in need around the world. We donate 50% of all commission. The majority of that goes to Lift Up where they give every single dollar away to maximize impact for people in need. Lift Up started after one trip to Haiti where the founder met a young boy who was kicked out of school because he couldn't afford a pair of shoes. The crazy part was the majority of his food came from that school. FIVE DOLLARS later this young boy had a fresh pair of shoes, and access to proper nutrition and an education for the rest of the school year. It is crazy to see the impact every dollar can make. That is why Insurance Lifters are committed to generosity and impacting as many people as possible. We are excited to announce that the first few months of Insurance Lifters have made it possible to donate $6,744 to Lift Up people in need. Lets go change the world!

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